Monday 6th December 2021

On the 4 December 2021 at the UNISON Scottish Council Lothian Health branch and four healthcare branches raised a motion in response to four resolutions passed by UNISON’s National Executive Council (NEC) on 6 October 2021. Legal advice was received and distributed to NEC members stating these resolutions were in breach of UNISON’s Rulebook and yet the NEC passed these resolutions.

The motion’s main points are to stand firm with UNISON’s General Secretary stance to protect and defend UNISON’s democratic procedures and rulebook.  That we have no confidence in the current National Executive Council to act in the best interest of UNISON members in Scotland.  That we will not cooperate with actions or decisions that we believe does not comply with the UNISON’s Rulebook. 

After a health debate, a vote was taken where the vote was carried.  UNISON is a democratic organisation and this branch is and always be a member laid organisation, by bringing this motion in conjunction with the other branches we are and will always fight for our members and democracy