First Female Employee Director - NHS Lothian

Image of TracyAnne Miller first female employee director

Monday 29th November 2021

Tracy Anne Miller a UNISON Shop Steward has been elected to the role of Employee Director for NHS Lothian and is the first ever female to hold this appointment.

As Employee Director Tracy will be responsible for negotiating on behalf of staff across NHS Lothian at Board level.

Tracy joined the NHS in 1983 and is a Registered Mental Health Nurse. She worked at Rosslynlee Hospital before moving to the REH, where she spent over 12 years before moving into a Community Nursing post in Midlothian.

Tracy became a Shop Steward in 1993 and has been the Lead Steward in many areas in Lothian, including the REH, Midlothian and latterly the RIE.  She became UNISON Branch Secretary in February 2019.  

In her Partnership role she was the first Partnership Lead for Midlothian and is the current Partnership Lead for the RIE; a role she has been in for 8 years now. 

She will take over from her friend and comrade, Tam Waterson, who sadly passed away earlier this year.