Pensions Update

Wednesday 1st September 2021

Online Meeting’s to Outline Proposed Changes

Virtual meetings to update our members on proposed changes to their pension scheme contributions will take place on September 13th & 14th. The event will be available via MS Teams and the links are below. Willie Duffy, UNISON Scotland Head of Health, will give a presentation outlining the proposals and there will be an opportunity to ask questions via the comments box. Pensions discussions can seem complex but your pension is a significant part of your wages. The presentation’s will be easy to understand and you will be able to ask questions. Please join us on any of the following dates & times:-

13th September 21 11am – midday Click here to join the meeting

13th September 21 12:15pm – 1:15pm Click here to join the meeting

14th September 21 6pm – 7pm Click here to join the meeting